Aeronaut Brewing Company

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Monday: 6:00 – 11:00 PM
Tuesday: 5:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Wednesday: 5:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Thursday: 5:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Friday: 5:00 PM – 12:30 AM
Saturday: 12:00 PM – 12:30 AM
Sunday: 12:00 – 8:00 PM


Possibly the best brewery in Boston HopHop for life. Great in house only crafts also. Everybody already knows but if you don’t ——> just go Tap room is the brewery full brew immersion. Games in the parking lot staff is cool.

A great place. The beer is really good and some of the employees are really friendly. However, many of the employees were really aggressive to my sister and myself. Unfortunately, I can’t help but assume it was due to race as the issue we were accused of, holding a can from a recently purchased 4 pack from the refrigerator, was being violated by many customers for a short period of time. We were warned once by the same employee and we immediately grabbed a cup to put the drink in but were then aggressively approached by the same employees and asked to leave. The entire experience was embarrassing unfortunately, and left a terrible taste in my mouth from my first experience at Aeronaut. Recently, moved to Somerville and really wanted to enjoy my time at the brewery but unfortunately I feel as though I will not be welcomed again due to how I was treated much differently than my friends of another race.

Good spot to come with friends in both small and larger groups. It is set up as a beer hall divided by three separate rooms. There are A TON of board game options and even a space to play some old school Nintendo 64. Beer is really great too with plenty of options! Really great that they’re BYOF (bring your own food) and even offer some menus for options around the area. My only complaint is there is absolutely NO WHERE to park, but I guess leaves no option to drink and drive. (Everywhere is resident only)

Great place to come with friends or family. There’s regularly live music and a great variety of beers. Weekends can be very busy - expect a line.

A little out of the way if you are in Boston proper but this place is really cool they sometimes have live music, the staff is friendly and helpful, the beer selection is amazing and the whole place has a retro/ throwback vibe with the arcade games, etc. Its a really cool atmosphere and I would definitely recommend it! My friends and I go here once in a while even though it is a little far if that says anything.

After walking a few miles on a beautiful summer day, my girlfriend and I stopped in here for the first of three on our brewery tour. We split the flight of...


A Year With Dr. Nandu

IPA - American

Mosaic-hopped, hop bursted, and dry hopped reimagination of the first beer we ever brewed, APA "A Session With Dr. Nandu". Characterized by tropical fruit aromas -- especially passionfruit & pineapple -- with bitterness and a clean finish. Available in cans.

ABV: 6.3, IBU: 66

reviews: 14656

Hop Hop & Away

IPA - Session / India Session Ale

Light & hazy, juicy India Session Ale, infused with cold-steeped hops for delicious citrus flavor and aroma with slight bitterness. 2016 Great International Beer Festival Gold Medal, Pale Ales.

ABV: 4.6, IBU: 40

reviews: 10801

Imperial Galaxic Cirrocumulus

IPA - Imperial / Double

ABV: 7.1, IBU: 0

reviews: 3598

A Session With Dr. Nandu

Pale Ale - American

refreshing passionfruit, notes of mosaic hops

ABV: 4.6, IBU: 52

reviews: 2675

Robot Crush

Pilsner - Other

Light and fluffy ROBO-pilsener. 2016 GABF Gold Medalist Classic Pilsner malts give honey and hay notes. A sprinkling of Citra hops lend delicate bitterness and fine, fruity aroma.

ABV: 5.1, IBU: 35

reviews: 2418

Orangutan Skies

IPA - American

tropical, citrus hops with a smooth bitterness

ABV: 6.4, IBU: 80

reviews: 2106

King Louie

IPA - Imperial / Double

ABV: 9, IBU: 74

reviews: 2075

Double Hop Hop

IPA - Imperial / Double

Juicy NE style 2xIPA. Lots of Citra lots of Mosaic.

ABV: 8.4, IBU: 50

reviews: 1639

3 Years With Dr. Nandu

IPA - Imperial / Double

Brimming with tropical. Single-hopped with Mosaic.

ABV: 7.6, IBU: 65

reviews: 1454

Imperial Stout

Stout - Foreign / Export

ABV: 8.9, IBU: 64

reviews: 1370

Lydia's Black Heart

IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale

Dreams do come true.

ABV: 7.7, IBU: 56

reviews: 1281

The Eye of Sauvin

Blonde Ale - Belgian Blonde / Golden

hoppy Belgian Blond with Nelson Sauvin & Styrian Aurora hops

ABV: 7.2, IBU: 35

reviews: 1157

2 Years With Dr. Nandu

IPA - Imperial / Double

Double IPA bursting with tropical fruit & citrus flavors from cold-steeped Mosaic, Citra & Amarillo hops.

ABV: 7.5, IBU: 0

reviews: 999

Improbability Drive

IPA - American

Collab with Finback; IPA infused with Orange Zest & Vanilla Beans

ABV: 5.8, IBU: 0

reviews: 925


Stout - Milk / Sweet

ABV: 7, IBU: 0

reviews: 892



ABV: 7.3, IBU: 25

reviews: 859

First Steps On A Sour Planet

Sour - Berliner Weisse

ABV: 6, IBU: 0

reviews: 760


Porter - English

a traditional London brown porter packed with rich, toasted malts

ABV: 4.8, IBU: 24

reviews: 705

Passionfruit Sour Planet

Sour - Berliner Weisse

The PASSION OF THE WEISS is back! We first created this beer as the sexily named "P166", a single barrel batch on Valentine's Day 2017 and loved it so much that we brought it back for spring and may be adding it to our longer term menu. 300 lbs of fresh passionfruit pulp are added to this beer at the end of primary fermentation, allowing a brief secondary fermentation where brewers yeast chews up all of the sugar of the passionfruit to leave behind a delicious, tart beer exploding with fruity flavor!

ABV: 3.5, IBU: 20

reviews: 722

Summer In Cologne


ABV: 4.8, IBU: 23

reviews: 693

Hermann Hesseweizen


Crisp wheat ale with a refreshing smooth finish; hints of banana, clove, and mysticism

ABV: 5.2, IBU: 0

reviews: 647

Intergalaxyc T.R.I.P.

IPA - American

Pandimensional Imperial Session IPA packed with galaxy hops. Peppery, juicy, delicious. First can in our INTERGALAXYC series.

ABV: 7.1, IBU: 65

reviews: 618

Bonsoir Quad

Belgian Quad

Brewed with Merlot must and wood aged.

ABV: 9.3, IBU: 0

reviews: 591


Pale Ale - American

ABV: 4.2, IBU: 50

reviews: 470

Citra Galaxy

IPA - Session / India Session Ale

Smooth, soft, hoppy ale; globs of tangerine and orange, w/hints of peach.

ABV: 4.5, IBU: 0

reviews: 498