SingleCut Beersmiths

To all demanding a steadfast meticulousness towards everything that can fit into a pint glass - Welcome. To all that support and help promote the growth of grass-roots beers, thank you. Always drink loud.

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This is a great spot to escape the city, but still be in it. The brewery is situated by a very quiet neighborhood with no view of Manhattan. It really makes you feel like you're out for drinks in a small town. The beer itself is good, but the selection is pretty IPA and Pale Ale heavy. If you're a fan of light beers, you'll find that you don't have too many options.

Great vibe! Walked in, music going, vinyl records spinning, Ghostbusters on huge screen and lots of great IPA s on tap! Sampled four"short pours", 5oz. each, and one was better than the other. Really liked the bartender recommendation, "Workers are going home" double IPA, really was awesome! Definitely looking forward to returning, especially with the second floor addition coming soon.

Nice open space to hang out and catch up with friends. Usually, the noise level is manageable before the band shows up. If you're into loud, live music and conversations, this is the place for you in the evenings. I prefer a quiet conversation over a nice beer so I don't stay later in the afternoon. There are a lot of good beer choices. Food options are limited for now until the kitchen is renovated.

The entire menu is too bitter, sour, tart and/or hoppy for my taste, just so you know what you are getting yourself into. I tried 4 beers here and they were between bad-but-tolerable (the 19 33) and so undrinkable i couldn't give it away (shadows from the flames). You will likely have a very different impression if you really enjoy heavily hopped or bitter beers That being said this is a cool space with friendly people, good seating, board games, etc. I feel bad being so mean to something someone has put so much into, so I'll close by saying if you enjoy IPA's, sour lagers, and black coffee like stouts, you will likely really enjoy it here.

Tried every beer on tap, and there were a lot. Every single one was good. I love thier beers.

Getting there: Kinda out of the way. Took the subway to get here and had to walk a bit. Would say it's more of a 4.5, but 5 if it was more accessible....


18-Watt IPA

IPA - Session / India Session Ale

THE REDEFINITION OF THE SESSION IPA. Orange zest, pine resin and tropical lupulin beauty that easily rivals much bigger IPAs, with a substantially full, soft malt body that compliments but doesn’t interfere with the hop attack. When you want the push, weight, and attack of a much heavier (I)IPA but need to be productive tomorrow – One of our proudest accomplishments.

ABV: 5, IBU: 80

reviews: 36273

Softly Spoken Magic Spells

IPA - Imperial / Double

Far away across the field there is a golden IIPA with a tropical / bright citrus / mild pine and smooth / soft lightly sweet malt that will take you home home again.

ABV: 8.6, IBU: 130

reviews: 27489

Full Stack IIPA

IPA - Imperial / Double

When your tastebuds beg for a pounding this IIPA sneaks up with smoothness, and then: Bam! Citrus uppercut! Biff! Dank bitterness! Wham! A piney bite! Ooof! Floral, dank pine and citrus aromas! Kablam! 8.2% ABV! Sha-boom!

ABV: 8.2, IBU: 137

reviews: 26912

Half-Stack IPA

IPA - American

CRANK THE HOPS to the point right before tastebuds bleed with a PNW / Aussie blend. Super smooth malt base, pine resin, bright tangerine and pineapple hop flavor and aromatics. At 105 IBU’s, “Half-Stack” is a relative term – As we like to say, “If it’s too hoppy, you’re too old

ABV: 6.6, IBU: 105

reviews: 27720

Weird And Gilly

IPA - New England

Some Cat from Japan asked us to make and IPA that was juicy, and nothing else. So we packed up a pack horse and made it happen. Keep your electric eye on this one.

ABV: 6.6, IBU: 88

reviews: 22378

Does Anybody Remember Laughter? IPA

IPA - American

THIS IS AN IPA that takes a building in a manner that our 420 fore-fathers were very used to – Herbal dank resin galore intertwined with a liberal helping of pineapple / stone fruit and mild spice / citrus finish. Smooth, soft malt won’t put a bustle in your hedgerow, so don’t be alarmed now.

ABV: 7.2, IBU: 110

reviews: 20797

Bon Bon 2xTNT IIPA

IPA - Imperial / Double

IF YOU WANT MORE HOPS, YOU GOT IT! So it seems there are quite a few fans of our “BON” TNTPA out there (ourselves included). So why not make it a whole lotta BON with an Imperial version? Well that’s just what we did – Smooth gentle and soft light malt gives way to a massive and unique bright citrus / juicy tropical + stone fruit signature that overwhelms the palette, but finishes dry and pleasingly.

ABV: 8.2, IBU: 142

reviews: 17133

Mo' Shuggie Soulbender IPA

IPA - American

A WISE PERSON ONCE SAID “Nothing is done until it is overdone”. We couldn’t agree more, so we took the righteousness of our SHUGGIE and big upped the NZ hops, the malt, just plain everything.

ABV: 7.4, IBU: 123

reviews: 14916

Is This the Real Life? IPA

IPA - New England

THUNDERBOLT AND LIGHTNING! This IPA is created with new-age PNW hop varieties as well as a bit of NZ too. Soft, creamy mouthfeel with light malt support. Bright citrus, stone fruit and mild resin combine for a uniquely satisfying experience.

ABV: 7.2, IBU: 109

reviews: 15056

Eric More Cowbell! Milk Stout

Stout - Milk / Sweet

We've got a fever. And there is only one cure: a lusciously creamy, slightly sweet Stout that sits atop a chocolate and roast malt base that will rock all night long.

ABV: 6.6, IBU: 28

reviews: 14510

Heavy Boots of Lead Imperial Stout

Stout - American Imperial / Double

OUR BIGGEST BEER TO DATE, created in the great magnetic field. Super complex richness of mega-chocolate, roast, vanilla and coffee in an astonishly smooth monster of a brew.

ABV: 11.2, IBU: 55

reviews: 13667

Jenny Said

IPA - Imperial / Double

THERE’S GOOD REASON IPAs are the favorite child of us Beersmiths; so many new hop varieties are becoming available annually and we love digging through these options hunting for great original lupulin expression. JS IIPA is brewed exclusively with a variety of these newfangled flowers for a unique spin on the tropical stone fruit / bright citrus / dank resin profile that is our trademark.

ABV: 7.7, IBU: 112

reviews: 12612

Dean Mahogany Pale Ale

Red Ale - American Amber / Red

Hey y'all! 1) Let's grow a big, bushy beard 2) Let's get [insert multiple number] piercings 3) Sleeves 4) Drink an ale that's got that PNW hop and malt attitude 5) And let's color our hair mahogany

ABV: 6, IBU: 82

reviews: 9976

Kim Hibiscus Sour Lager (Lagrrr!)

Sour - Berliner Weisse

THE ORIGINAL IN OUR “KIM” LINE-UP – Refreshingly tart and infused with hibiscus for a pleasing round herbal flavor and gorgeous pink hue. Black currants are also added to give a complementary deep fruit flavor and aroma. Wheat malt provides a sweet and dry template and finally we ferment using our house lager yeast for an exceptional clean and dry finish.

ABV: 4.2, IBU: 5

reviews: 9881

Workers Are Going Home

IPA - Imperial / Double

AND WHEN THEY GET HOME they’re cracking open this super soft and smooth, stone fruit & mango / mild tangerine / dank citrus IIPA that drinks like a much more sessionable brew. This is our most international IIPA yet, hopped with new-age Euro as well as Aussie and PNW varieties. Hey it’s nice to know every day has its night.hemisphere. Bright, citrus juice, crisp clean malt, with a nose of grape and light flowers.

ABV: 8, IBU: 124

reviews: 8136

Harry Doesn't Mind

IPA - Imperial / Double

THE FIRST IN A SERIES of IPAs brewed using a different ale yeast than our usual house strain. Stone fruit and bright citrus aromatics meld with full, soft mouthfeel, delicious balance for an incredibly smooth experience.

ABV: 8, IBU: 120

reviews: 8119

Double Dry-Hopped Softly Spoken Magic Spells

IPA - Imperial / Double

Our SSMS, DDH'd with a totally different hop bill then the first time around. Giant sweet orange and passion fruit is joined by some bright pine, juicy nectarine, and classic grapefruit.

ABV: 8.6, IBU: 132

reviews: 7368

Tell Shaky and Boxcar Joe DDH IIPA

IPA - Imperial / Double

WE’RE GONNA KICK DOWN THE DOORS of restraint with this bruiser of an IIPA. Double dry-hopped, drinks smooth smooth smooth, no sign of the 9% with a unique combination of new varietal PNW hops. Fast Talking Fanny and Washboard Sam are already down at the Union Hall sipping this beaut of a brew. Just say Automatic Slim sent you.

ABV: 8.6, IBU: 145

reviews: 7565

19-33 Pilsner

Pilsner - German

AS THE FIRST operating micro-brewery in Queens since Prohibition, our address coincidentally also signifies the year Prohibition ended. So what else could we call our flagship Lager, a Czech/German Pils mashup brewed with only authentic ingredients from both regions? A satisfying rich malt body, crisp and super clean finish with overtones of lemon rind and mild spice.

ABV: 5.4, IBU: 45

reviews: 6481

Cold Fire DDH IIPA

IPA - Imperial New England

WEIRD & GILLY’S BIG BROTHER! Smooth, juicy tropical/stone fruit with a touch of our signature dank resin. Double dry-hopped because the Spiders demanded it.

ABV: 8.2, IBU: 126

reviews: 6956

Charlie's Good Tonight DDH IPA

IPA - American

AIN’T HE? Backing that up is a smooth easy drinking IPA that is all tropical citrus that is in the pocket anytime.

ABV: 6, IBU: 94

reviews: 5667

Are You Ready Steve?

IPA - American

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE A NICE Hawaiian fruit punch, with an added complexity of dark red candy / black cherry with an overtone of herbaceous green resin? All delivered in this soft, creamy rounded smooth luscious beauty of an IPA? We thought so.

ABV: 7, IBU: 110

reviews: 5368

The Punk with the Stutter

IPA - American

DDH IPA using a slew of new American experimental hop varietals. Great balance of tropical juice and resin-y dank.

ABV: 7.3, IBU: 110

reviews: 5085

JÅN White Lager

Lager - Pale

THE OLFACTORY IS working overtime, noting the distinct sweet citrus, delicate flowery herbal and complex citrus spice aromas and flavors of this lager. Smooth soft light malt, finishes very dry and clean with an orange zest bitterness. Perhaps our ultimate patio brew.

ABV: 5.2, IBU: 14

reviews: 4396

Double Dry-Hopped Harry Doesn’t Mind

IPA - Imperial / Double

Our softest IIPA get’s the DDH treatment to max out that lime and melon goodness.

ABV: 8, IBU: 120

reviews: 4725